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Today in Girl Power shows you forgot existed: TAINA

Here’s the show’s premise from Wikipedia: Taina Morales is a young Latina woman who aspires to be a singer and actress. She, along with her best friend, Renee Jones, attend the Manhattan High School of the Performing Arts. Once there, … Continue reading

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Woman Crush Wednesday — Comedienne Morgan Murphy

from Instagram:

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#nomakeup #nofilter

from Instagram: To support Barefaced & Beautiful, Without & Within, The Renfrew Center Foundation is asking women to go without makeup on Monday, Feb. 24. They can promote their involvement through their social media networks by tweeting an untouched … Continue reading

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So you’ve spotted a pretty girl…

(for heterosexual men) Imagine the scenario: You’re at the bus stop waiting for your ride home. You spot a pretty girl. Something about her strikes you. Her smile, her style, her hair, her boobs. You think to yourself, “I must … Continue reading

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On reaching the age of your heroes

I love talking about pop culture; it’s my greatest pleasure. Last week I started a list of my favorite Lady Raps about sex – the types of songs that put women in the position of power. I realized that I’ve … Continue reading

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A legitimate question to anti-choice community

Hi, all. I was thinking today, as a staunchly pro-choice woman, I always wanted to know what the religious people felt about barrier-method birth control. DISCLAIMER: I’m going to be speaking in mostly Judeo-Christian terms, since that is what I … Continue reading

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