Today in Girl Power shows you forgot existed: TAINA

Here’s the show’s premise from Wikipedia:

Taina Morales is a young Latina woman who aspires to be a singer and actress. She, along with her best friend, Renee Jones, attend the Manhattan High School of the Performing Arts. Once there, they reunite with Lamar, whom neither has seen since elementary school. Taina and Renee’s nemesis Maritza Hogg (who knew Taina and Renee before high school) attends the same school they do, and is also an aspiring singer/actress. Every episode features Taina daydreaming her super stardom, with occasional performances of a new song.

In case you’re jonesing, I recommend watching this episode titled “Blue Mascara” where the ladies of 3LW (!!! More early-naughts GirlPower-dom!!) before Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams broke off to join the Cheetah Girls (So. Much. Girl. Power.)

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