So you’ve spotted a pretty girl…

(for heterosexual men)

Imagine the scenario: You’re at the bus stop waiting for your ride home. You spot a pretty girl. Something about her strikes you. Her smile, her style, her hair, her boobs. You think to yourself, “I must talk to this girl. She is the love of my life. If she gets on her connection without me speaking to her, then surely I will die.”

Great for you! I’m glad you’ve found  The One.

Now, is your beloved open to your advances?

Signs she wants to talk to someone: Did she smile at you? Did she acknowledge your presence at all? Does she look hopelessly and adorably lost, and You (as a seasoned commuter) can point her in the Outbound direction?

Or is she sitting there with headphones in whistling along to her music? Is she making a point to not look at you when you stand next to her? She standing directly under the stop sign looking at the exact direction her bus will arrive from?

I was the second girl. I am always the second girl. But the number of men that approach me, shout OVER my music, or even touch my elbow to force my attention is literally uncountable. It happens at least twice a week, more in the summer.

Men, who taught you that this is okay? Never listen to that person ever again. I’m telling you that it is NOT okay. Never, ever do it again.

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