My review of Random Access Memories that no one asked for

I listened to Random Access Memories this weekend. It was sick, it was sly, it was other s-words that mean awesome. For some reason “S” is the right sound? I dunno. I’m getting off topic.

However, RAMs is not groundbreaking. The first half up to and including “Lose Yourself to Dance” is a Funk album, yo. I grooved so hard! But I’ve grooved just as hard or harder on mid-70s Funk hey-day. It’s great that a House group is genre mashing like this.

If you liked RAMs, I suggest you unplug a little bit and listen to Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain ( or similar early-to-mid-70s Funk. Again, RAMs is wonderfully mixed, a must-listen, great homage/tribute. Even Daft Punk has said that this is paying tribute to the ones before them. So, as I suggested before, listen to those that came before.

Now, the second half of album (excluding the single Get Lucky) I got bored. That’s not because it wasn’t awesome. It was still awesome, I’m just not a House-fan. My brief stint listening to House music was because I was trying to get into the pants of a guy that mixed mediocre House tapes. RAMs, I was able to listen without the uncontrollable urge to hit “skip” and that’s saying a lot for me. Real House/EDM fans should let me know what they think of the second half of the album so that I can sound like even more of a music snob.

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories…3.5/4 Stars.

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