Ways to Self-Care

A friend posted to Facebook “Ways to self care — go”. I immediately started listing off the ways that I personally take care of myself. During my journey, I have noticed that these little things are really beneficial to my overall mood and help me more than anything else.

1. Give yourself a pedicure.

Soak your feet, jab at them with a pumice stone, then paint your tootsies a pretty and  happy  color like yellow or pink.

2. Take a longer-than-usual shower

I always spend exactly eight minutes in the bathroom during the work week, but on Saturdays I sleep in a little and shower for a full thirty minutes. I don’t even take calls on Saturday before 11am. 

3. See a movie in the theaters by yourself. Hog all the popcorn and candy.


4. Read a romance novel

You can find them for free on amazon. Sometimes the novellas are less than 15,000 words. http://onehundredfreebooks.com/free-kindle-books-by-category.html?cid=158566011&genre=Romance

5. Give yourself a massage

I like the feeling of a massage, but I don’t particularly like strangers touching me for an hour — even if I did have the money to pay them. Instead spend $10 once on really nice, unscented lotion and give yourself shoulder massages, calf massages, butt massages…you see where I’m going here, right? 

6. Watch teen movies from the late 90s

A few are on Netflix and I’m sure there are some on Amazon Prime or Hulu+. Do this because ain’t no party like a Freddie Prinze Jr party, because an FPJ party is unrealistically choreographed!


7. Turn on a power song and Lip Sync for Your Life.

RuPaul is pretty much the most fantasic person ever! All he does is push out motivation to WERK GIRL. Take a leaf, and Lip Sync for Your Life…the best part is you always win, and your troubles will have to sashay away.


8. Make sugary cereal and watch your favorite animated cartoon in your PJs

Once again, many of these are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Feeling eight years old again and not having a care in the world is a really nice delusion to live for 30 minutes to an hour and will refresh you for a while.

9. Write or draw your feelings.

What you put out probably won’t make sense and definitely won’t be your best work, but it puts the negativity in a journal instead of in your heart.

10. Talk to someone about what’s ailing you.

Remember you don’t always have to take care of yourself.

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